General Information & FAQ’s


About My Home-based Treatment Room in Riverbend
I have a lovely room set up on the main floor of my home, which is located in the Brookside neighborhood of Riverbend (just off the 53 Avenue exit on Whitemud Drive). There is off-street parking in my extra-wide driveway, and you will need to come up three front steps to enter my home through the front door. The treatment room (a den) is mere feet from the entrance, and there is a very private washroom only feet away as well. Using divider curtains I have created total privacy in the treatment area.  

The area is very roomy. I have an electric fireplace to warm the room on chill days, as well as a full-length table warmer and heat pads if desired. I have a dimmer-system for lighting, but a few lamps that create a really relaxing ambiance.

Please note that a dog (a very small retriever) lives at the residence, but he will be outdoors or kenneled during all appointments.